Croisière de Camargue Les Péniches Isles de Stel à Aigues-Mortes

Croisière de Camargue The Isles de Stel barges, boats in Aigues-Mortes offer a trip to the heart of Petite Camargue to discover the horses and bulls, flora and fauna and the traditions of Camargue. Guided cruise on the “Canal du Rhône à Sète” to learn about our historic heritage. Petite Camargue will reveal all its…
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Domaine Royal de Jarras

Perfectly situated between the sea and the Camargue’s ponds, the vineyards of Jarras-Listel constitute the biggest wine domaine in Europe. It’s a unique place of walks and discoveries where vines are actually planted in sand. Various guided tours are available: introduction to sand wines, discovery of animal species in the Camargue area, exploration of the…
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Le Salin d’Aigues-Mortes

In the heart of Camargue, a unique pristine site in a natural wilderness gives birth to sea salt and fleur de sel. Onboard the little train, set out to discover the salt of Camargue, with the flora and fauna typical of the salt flats. Guided tour of the different phases of production. New in 2009:…
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