Gardens and natural sights

A rich and varied natural heritage

On the edge of the Cévennes National Park, there are four remarkable sights in the Languedoc Gardois:
La Cocalière Cave, on the border with the Ardèche département, features all kinds of concretions (discs, cave pearls being formed, crystal pools...). The “diamond cave” is easy to visit. Return on the little train. Trabuc Caveor the “mystery of 100,000 soldiers”; emerald lake, play of light and colour, cascades... characterize this beautiful cave in the Cévennes near Anduze. The Abîme de Bramabiau is a stream that disappears under a limestone plateau on the edge of the Aigoual Massif and resurfaces further down with a roar. A splendid hydrological breach that can be followed underground in a fresh safe atmosphere. The Prafrance bamboo plantation appeared as a challenge to the subterranean splendours. Since 1856, the largest bamboo forest in Europe has been thriving in this part of the Cévennes in an environment of flowers and pools.

  • (Français) Le Jardin médiéval

    (Français) Le Jardin médiéval

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  • La Grotte de Trabuc

    La Grotte de Trabuc

    Trabuc Cave has been known since time immemorial, since prehistoric times. More recently, the Huguenots used it as a hiding...

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  • La Grotte de la Salamandre

    La Grotte de la Salamandre

    Be warned of the big show ahead! Located in the Gard, the incredible "Grotte de la Salamandre", one of the...

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  • La Grotte de la Cocalière

    La Grotte de la Cocalière

    La Cocalière Cave, easy to visit with a guided tour. It is famous for its discs (circular concretions), translucent draperies,...

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  • L’Abîme de Bramabiau

    L’Abîme de Bramabiau

    A strange, singular site near Mont Aigoual. Guided tour underground lasting approx 1 hour. New: exit tunnel with dinosaur prints....

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  • Jardin Arboretum de Bonsaï

    Jardin Arboretum de Bonsaï

    Unique in Europe, the Jardin Arboretum de Bonsaï and the Bergerie des animaux miniatures invite you to discover the art...

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  • La Bambouseraie en Cévennes

    La Bambouseraie en Cévennes

    An exotic journey in the Cévennes. A 12-hectare botanical park founded in 1856 by Eugène Mazel, then taken over in...

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